Manufacturing Processes



Utter reliability and precision are key to delivering a successful production facility where any downtime in any single step can cause the whole facility to be shut down. POWERTEC' industrial power supplies protect from any downtime and deliver high precise power supplies.

For the automotive industry we offer solutions from precision melting of metals to drying of paints and varnishes as well as backup power for the whole production process.

Highly sophisticated metals are becoming more and more important in complex production processes. For the metals industry we offer solutions for the precision power control and uninterruptible power supply.

The management and control of facilities is becoming increasingly complex. Infrastructure systems rely on a power back up and protection systems to ensure that maximum uptime is achieved and blackouts are minimized.

POWERTECH core energy efficiency solutions market is in the field of uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems covering a vast range from small surge protection through to large scale industrial UPS for use in critical applications

With the increasing importance for sapphire glass and windows, POWERTECH offers a comprehensive range of power supllies and precision thyristor switches.

POWERTECH Industrial Corporations' advanced thyristor technology provides the precise control required to deliver a cost effective and reliable end product.