This UPS is commonly used in the corner of the city, remote roads, mountains, bad environment, such as high temperature (+50 °C) / low temperature (-40 °C), severe dust, moisture, rain, mist erosion, very poor power quality (voltage longterm higher than 260V or less than 160V, frequency abnormal change) in the area.


High Reliability of the UPS System

 1.Using microprocessor control, directly produce highfrequency pulse width modulation wave (SPWM) control of the UPS inverter, to simplify the UPS control circuit, to improve the stability, to have more real-time UPS to quickly respond to changes in the external environment and guarantee the machine's control circuit is more simple and reliable.

 2.Using digital control techniques, to avoid the traditional analog control temperature drift inherent defects such as hardware parameters, to ensure consistency and reliability of UPS.

Capacity1KVA/0.7KW // 2KVA/1.4KW // 3KVA/2.1KW // 6KVA/4.2KW // 10KVA/7KW
Voltage Range(1-3Kva ) 115~295VAC(±3VAC ) // ( 6-10Kva ) 176~297VAC(±3VAC)
Frequency Range(50HZ:(46HZ~54HZ); 60HZ:(56HZ~6HZ
Power Factorinput =0.98 // output = 0.7/0.8(Optional) Standard 0.7
Voltage Range(223/230/240x(1±2%
Frequency Range50/60HZ±0.05HZ
Overload CapabilityOverload(110%~150%)for 30 seconds,then automatically transfer to bypass.when load is normal,it can automatically transfer to normal mode.
Crest Factor3:1
WaveformPure Sine Wave
DC Voltage36VDC // 96VDC // 96VDC // 240VDC // 240VDC
Charge Current (Standard Unit)4A/8A(optional) // 4A/8A(optional) // 4A/8A(optional) // 4.2A // 4.2A
Communication Interface
LED IndicationLoad level/Battery level,Battry indicator,Unility Power,Bypass,Overload,Fault
Temperature-40° C~50° C
Standard Unit Net / Gross Weight (kg)155 // 150 // 125 // 120 // 85
Long Time Unit Net / Gross Weight (kg)165 // 160 // 135 // 130 // 95
Dimension (W×D×H) (mm)613x640x954 // 650x753x1227 // 650x753x1227 // 940x940x1770 // 940x90x1770
Packing (W×D×H) (mm)633x660x974 // 670x773x1247 // 670x773x1247 // 960x960x1790 // 960x110x1790